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Necklace sets have surpassed everything as the top wholesale jewelry shipping over the last two years for us.  Yet Accessory Magazine says in their Jewelry Review of 2007 retail sales says that department stores report bracelets as the top seller.  Well there are plenty of gorgeous items to choose from in this category.  So in order to avoid tunnel vision, let’s examine some stunning bracelets to find the ones that will go flying out of your shop.


First, let’s take another quick look at a bracelet we talked about last week because we believe it is “thenameled bracelets bracelet” for summer 2008-the enameled bracelet.  It has everything this season is about-bright colors, bangles that stack, and oodles of designs.  Best of all theses bracelets go on easily with a hinged opening and spring closure.




We have to include gemstone bracelets because this stunning jewelry just keeps rolling along with classicturquoise bracelet trends so prevalent.  They started with semiprecious stones that are household words like rose quartz, tiger’s eye, carnelian, rock crystal, and aventurine.  These are all still good and this season adds more semiprecious stones that lack wide recognition like tree agate, picture jasper, rutilated quartz, and red agate.  We’ve saved the best for last.  Nothing beats turquoise this season. 



Classic styles have Murano style glass bracelets high on customers shopping lists also.  The gorgeousMurano style glass bracelet glasswork provides constant surprises of beauty that we will dearly miss if it ever leaves the fashion scene.   But as popular as Murano style glass jewelry is, that isn’t going to happen this season or next.  Most have size to make a statement and colors are marvelous as well as the craftsmanship of suspended foil, spiraling colors, and islands of metallic particles that create a goldstone effect.



In the past week we have also covered bracelets with engraved messages.  Feelings and spiritual messagesreiligious bracelets make these bracelets more than wrist ornamentation and they steadily sell in a quiet way.  This jewelry makes a connection with the person and needs no sales pitches. 




What could be more summery than shell bracelets and dyed shell provides a wonderful expression of brightshell bracelets color that is so important this summer.  These bracelets can be simple, inexpensive, and trendy or they can extend to more sophisticated looks.  Also, they are natural for everyone interested in eco-green.




Bold beading is definitely part of this summers fashion flow and beaded bracelets can provide a fabulousbeaded bracelet range of good looks from fun jewelry in vibrant colors to classic ceramic bracelets.  These bracelets have enough variety to make a statement with any outfit. 




Charm bracelets-are they timeless?  People love themes and these bracelets don’t care what fashion is–theycharm bracelets just keep broadcasting a theme and selling.   As long as themes touch the human spirit, charm bracelets will be in demand.  Great gifts too-every school teacher probably has a dozen of them. 




Cuff bracelets have been on every other page of the fashion magazines for the last two years.  Cuffs and bangles keep vying for the top fashion statement and writing a fashion trend report on these bracelets is easy-just copy last seasons report.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration because there are some changes.  This summer enameled cuffs are doing well and basket weave or cuffs with openwork are popular.  Encrusted stones are another nice touch, but simple wide silver plated cuff bracelets with a mirror finish are a forever statement.


This at least touches the tip of the iceberg on bracelets that offer an endless variety of looks to go with every imaginable outfit.  Beyond the fashion statements discussed here, there are pearl bracelets, crystal bracelets, rhinestone, and freshwater pearls for prom, bridal, and formal affairs.  A fashion jewelry selection has to include bracelets with today’s interest in these fashion accessories.

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