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Retailers realize that sunglasses are a big summertime accessory, but most might not realize how big.  A worldwide Nielsen survey on designer merchandise reports sunglasses as the number two “must have” accessory according to Market Research World.  Although this report is a little dated, the latest figures from Accessory Magazines retail sales analysis for 2007 are current.  They show sunglasses as the number four selling accessory in good company with handbags, jewelry, and watches. 


Small businesses have a terrific niche market in sunglasses.  Department stores provide the high end with designer sunglasses and convenience stores have inexpensive sunglasses that usually lack style.  All the middle ground of stylish sunglasses at affordable prices goes to small businesses.  They need a stylish look and some information for helping customers find the sunglasses that fit and look good.  Our 2008 Sunglass Trend Report provides both, but here we will just give a quick overview of sunglass styles that are important this season.   


Sports sunglasses are another field, but fashionable sunglasses like you see celebrities wearing are mainlyAviator sunglasses aviators or oversize.  Aviators pre-date World War II and if you want to see them in the forties, dig up some old pictures of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.  Originally they were wire frames, but today’s aviators have updated looks.  Yes, wire frames are still good and popular with the guys, but now plastic frames provide another look and oversize aviators are popular for women. 


Another important style this season is oversize sunglasses with plastic frames.  They are constantly evolvingretro sunglasses since the Jackie Os that came out three seasons ago.  Corners are often more rounded and arms are either tapered or straight with decoration.   Other retros making a return are the bamboo styles that were the rage of the eighties with large round lenses and tubular plastic frames.


Shields continue to be popular with monolenses, minimal frames, and narrow metal arms.  These sunglassesshields were a major statement two years ago and remain as one of the stable designs with simplicity and clean lines.



Linear designs use a mix of metal and plastic for a truly chic look.  Rectangular lenses and tapered armsliner sunglasses create smooth geometric lines using rimless, metal frames, or plastic frames designs.  This stunning look provides dramatic eyewear without being oversized. 


The face determines what sunglasses look good on a customer so visit the 2008 Sunglass Trend Report for more styles and helpful tips on fitting sunglasses.

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