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Summer is definitely here with temperatures busting the nineties for the last week in South Louisiana.  Retailers are looking for those extra items to add to summer sales.  Well this is the time of year when sun visors become important.  One style of visor that booms every summer is foam visors covered with cotton fabric and comfortably held in place with coiled elastic. 

These visors are not only lightweight and inexpensive, but they have fun themes that grab the attentionfrog visor of customers.  They provide an inexpensive add-on sale to go with a summer outfit in brick and mortar businesses and are irresistible at outdoor events like festivals, craft shows, and sporting events.  But their main drawing card is the themes. 

Festivals and street fairs often benefit local stores as well as outdoor vendors and these events usually have a theme.  That makes these visors perfect for the occasion.  Crawfish, Jazz, music, railroad, hot air balloons, wine tasting, and different kinds of food are only a few of the themes used around the country for these outdoor events.  These visors can provide inexpensive relief from the sun in all of these themes. 

In addition, the visors can appeal to special groups.  Walks for breast cancer awareness may want pinkbreast cancer awareness visors ribbon visors; the ladies that love their red and pink hats like sequin visors in those colors; and little league teams may want to sell baseball visors as a fundraiser. 



Even outside centralized themes, these sun visors have strong appeal.  Everyone has something they careracing visor about and a variety of themes displayed together will capture shoppers’ attention.  Low price makes the visors an easy impulse sale and when customers find the one that touches their heart or makes a perfect gift the item sells itself.  

 These visors work for every age and fit nearly anyone with size that adjusts by pulling the coiled elastic through the hole in the visor to change the size.    Comfort also makes the visors popular because they stay on with minimal pressure while they shade the eyes.  Retailers looking for new products to boost summer sales should give these attractive and inexpensive visors strong consideration.

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