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No wonder enamel bracelets are important this season with all the talk in fashion trends about bright colors, the popularity of bracelets, and multiple bangles worn on both arms.  Enameled bracelets provide all of the above with the added feature of spring loaded hinges that allow the bangles to go on with ease. 


Enameled bracelets bring bright color to fashion jewelry and vibrant color has certainly impacted summerwholesale enameled bracelets trends.  All the popular summer colors of red, white, black, orange, green, and yellow are available in these accessories plus secondary colors like turquoise, fuchsia, and light olive.  Bracelets are first plated gold or silver and the trend seems to be more towards gold plating. 



This fashion jewelry can also get very trendy with polka dots providing a fifties look or geometric designspolka dot bangle bracelets delivering Art Deco inspirations.  Each bracelet comes in multiple color choices and widths vary from 3/8 inch to a ½ inch with more designs and sizes expected soon. 




For customers that want more than color, some bracelets have designs such as raised relief meandering flowershinged bangles with floral design that are plated or symmetrical designs that use multiple colors. 




Some manufacturers are reporting that enameled bracelets are there leading item so far this season and fashion magazines are hyping the look.  Expect even more colors and designs as the summer continues and demand increases.   Give this fashion jewelry some consideration because it’s probably on your customers’ shopping list.

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