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Sometimes the big picture in fashion trends obscures smaller buying trends that are spiking.  The smaller trends can be important so here are some insights from a retail specialist that follows them.   


As we draw near to the end of May the online retail world is heading for the trends of summer. Milly dressesbright shell bracelet (sundresses with a fifties look) are the hottest sellers on eBay this week and along with that look are the brights in jewelry with matching earrings, necklaces and big bangle bracelets leading the way.




Bridal looks for June weddings are also in full swing with rhinestone and more importantly this year crystallarge rhinestone earrings necklace sets leading the way for brides and bridesmaids. Clear crystals set in silver with gold settings becoming more popular again.  These are the choice for brides with popular colors chosen for attendants. While crystal is what they are searching for, it is large rhinestone that they are buying.  The small dainty look is leaving us as the primary choice and bigger bolder pieces especially in earrings are selling this year for the entire bridal party.


Almost every bride this year is buying crystal or rhinestone bracelets as well with the stretch bracelets still leading this rhinestone bracelettrend. At the other end of the spectrum the quickest selling jewelry item day in and day out is currently cameo jewelry in the full spectrum of colors.




DG sunglasses appear to be the leader this year in the sunglass market as well. We are also seeing a trend on eBay away from the more expensive designer bags and towards the great looks and values available in other bags without the high price. Consumers are shopping on eBay with their budgets in mind.

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