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Fine jewelry has intrinsic value, but the attraction of fashion jewelry is art with breath-taking beauty.  Colors, shapes, textures, and materials provide new surprises with endless fresh interpretations.


One line that we distribute has its own signature look that impresses us.  Judging by the volume of wholesale jewelry that we ship in this line, it apparently impresses the retailers also.  As we move into summer with vacations, cruises, and the need for resort wear new arrivals in this classic look are worth reviewing. 


Crisp design, bold look, and wonderful use of colors characterize this jewelry line that began by producingwholesale glass necklace set everything in glass with a fresh twist.  The look is simplistic making a dramatic statement, but never ordinary.  The entire line is necklace sets and one innovation this season is wire strung necklaces with a weave that provides a vision of open space without the use of spacers.  The fashion jewelry has an American designer and overseas production. 



Another innovation in these necklace sets is the entry into Murano style glass jewelry this year.  Colors areMurano style glass jewelry marvelous with the same clean designs and bold statements. Pancake foil beads and striped tile beads add an eye-catching dimension that stands out.





Also this season adds gemstone creations with the same signature look.  Turquoise is the hot gemstone jewelry thisturquoise jewelry set season and enters into the designs replacing the glass showpieces.  A stylish touch of bold chain linking makes these necklace sets definitely 2008.  As with most other lines, turquoise stones are reconstituted, which provides the beauty of the stone at an affordable price.




As baby boomers grow older vacations do not always mean a trip to the beach.  Cruises, resorts, and international travel add a growing aspect to summer vacations.  These include formal dining and an evening of entertainment or dancing that calls for jewelry and accessories beyond the fun items for the beach.

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