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Keeping a finger on the pulse of business helps fashion jewelry and accessory retailers chart their direction. A valuable piece of the puzzle comes from recent history.  Accessories Magazine does an annual report on the performance of key categories for the previous year and the current report analyzes fashion jewelry sales in 2007. 


They point out that jewelry was a mixed bag and the best category, bracelets, couldn’t carry the entire department.  Still sales volume had a healthy increase of 300 million in the US.  Rising gold and silver prices caused the greatest havoc reducing the volume of bridge jewelry (this category “bridges” costume jewelry and fine jewelry with items such as sterling silver). 


But most retailers are in the fashion and costume jewelry category, which accounted for about two thirds of the business.  Even here some profits were squeezed by rising costs-something we elaborated about in a previous blog. 


Bracelets were a year-round seller with special mention given to enameled bracelets, resin and jeweled cuffs.  Oversize cocktail rings sold mainly in trendy shops.  Spectator and nautical jewelry was a surprise appealing to the young and gold made a major comeback.  Natural stones (gemstone jewelry) continued. 


Statistics from our own in-house sales painted a slightly different picture.  We will concentrate on fashion jewelry outside the categories of rhinestone and bridal jewelry, which had a very good year in 2007.  Price increases appear to be more of a factor in 2008 rather than 2007.  Consumers’ tastes tended towards better goods with classic styling.  Bracelets were excellent, but necklace sets led the categories of wholesale fashion jewelry shipped. 


Best among necklace sets was gemstone fashion jewelry and Murano style glass.  Other glass jewelry didgemstone fashion jewelry well along with long and layered designs mixing beading and chain.  Silver continued to dominate as the consumers’ favorite plating.  Bracelets exceeded everything except necklace sets with cuffs and chunky beaded bracelets doing best.  Pendants did well because of the strong position of Best Brand in our line. 


Fashion jewelry seems to be healthy going into 2008.  Color and dramatic size are in and both contribute to strong fashion jewelry sales.  Consumer demand for quality fashion jewelry softens the blow of rising prices because better merchandise has expectations of higher cost.  Finally, what if the economy slows?  No problem for fashion jewelry and accessory shops.  The “lipstick effect” comes into play, which means women don’t quit buying-they just buy lower cost items (like lipstick) and fashion jewelry and accessories don’t have luxury price tags.

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