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Some exciting looks in glass jewelry have blossomed over the last few seasons thanks to classic trends in fashion.  Components became important as consumers demanded quality in fashion jewelry with design that was uniquely classic.  Here are some of the gorgeous developments in fashion jewelry.


Murano Style Glass Jewelry

The beauty of Murano glass was once a well kept secret-that is until a return to classic beauty became theMurano style glass jewelry driving force of fashion.  Then the stunning glass art of Murano, Italy mushroomed with craftsmen around the globe producing beautiful fashion jewelry based on the process.  Beads have suspended color, gold and silver foil inclusions, and islands of metallic particles that deliver the look of goldstone.  Striking necklace sets, earrings, bracelets, and pendants entered the market with constantly renewing designs that were breathtaking.  The surprise of new designs keeps this art flourishing with no end in sight.


Glass Crystal Jewelry

Classic trends replaced lucite and plastics with quality glass that provided weight, color, and facets that quality glass jewelrydelivered a rich look and upscale feel.   The glass often has iridescence that rivals crystals and provides elegance in bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets that are stand out with a suit or dressy outfit while some designs reach the height of prom or bridal jewelry.  Variety is endless in this glass jewelry that brings sophistication to fashion.


Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Of all the glass jewelry surfacing, dichroic glass is the most unique and difficult to make.  The process leaves a hair-thin coating on the glass that absorbs some colors and reflects back the colors you see.  Even these magnificent colors can change with motion.  Don’t look to the wholesale houses for this gorgeous art because it is the sole domain of designers.  Surf the web and you will be hard pressed to find anything that exceeds the work of Connie Bennett.  A true artist, she combines unique dichroic glass into designs that are absolutely breath-taking.  If you need hand-made designer jewelry for your shop that is very exclusive, this is for you.  Browse Connie Bennett’s Collection and I am sure you will agree.


The constant surprise of beauty presented by glass jewelry keeps it a solid part of today’s fashion and classic trends show no signs of letting up so expect more in the fall.

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