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New arrivals of pendants and earrings have impressive inlay designs.  Best Brand, a leading fashion jewelry manufacturer, stays on the cutting edge of production processes.  They have crafted a pendant and earring line for more than a decade with a stamping procedure that turns a thin sheet of steel into designs with raised relief that show unbelievable detail.  This is a difficult process.  Each piece requires its own expensive mold and the labor of sealed backs.  The jewelry is silver plated and sometimes two-toned followed by a polishing process. 


Now Best Brand expands into inlay jewelry with the latest technology.  This brings a new dimension to the inlay earringswholesale jewelry that has their trademark look.  State-of-the-art machinery provides precision cuts of materials for inlay and the precise fit adheres without the problem of pieces falling out.  Both pendants and earrings have remarkable seamless look using this process, with earrings requiring even more intricate cuts because of their smaller size.



Best Brand use of this latest development in inlay jewelry is not limited to fashion designs only.  He also inlay theme pendantexpands the process to theme jewelry adding a new level of looks to their clean tailored line with dramatic pendants on chokers that match up with earrings.  There’s always new excitement with Best Brand.  We are sure their latest fashion jewelry developments will impress your customers.

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