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The Fashion Accessories publication recently arrived with some insight about summer trends from the editor, Mary McGarry, who is a well respected authority on fashion. 

First she points out this summer is phenomenal for the number of design choices, but that doesn’t mean anything goes.  She states “this is a very specific market with a decidedly 2008/09 stamp on global design movements”.  Here are some key trends she points out that are important this summer with some of them effecting fall jewelry and accessories as well:


  • Intense primary colors-vibrant colors even neons used with stark white or black.  Combining the colors provides even more drama.  Yellow is big
  • Handbags with elongated shapes-either long or deep
  • The summer’s big neutral-tan
  • Tassels-on jewelry and handbags
  • Shapes of sun, moon, and circles-the subject of fashion jewelry as well as embellishments on other accessories
  • Primitive prints-the South and Central America variety.
  • Ruffles-from clothes to scarves plus ruffled leather
  • Patent leather-adds shine to neon
  • Charms-endless themes hanging from bracelets, necklaces, and pins
  • Flowers-hair accessories and pins
  • Big necklaces-long chains and bold necklaces, especially in gold plating
  • Safari-tan mixed with brown and white plus animal prints
  • Sailor-boy look-stripes and colors of the navy in the 40s
  • Snakeskin-big in handbags


Ms. McGarry also points out the importance of bracelets this summer with mixed designs worn on both arms.  These are some of the highlights from an expert in fashion that has all my respect and confidence.

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