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As summer approaches and outdoor events pick up, hematite jewelry becomes more important.  Booths of the steel grey jewelry appear at festivals, craft shows, and flea markets and consumers become more familiar with hematite and stories of its power to relieve pain. 


Actually hematite is unisex jewelry that has something for every age group.  Young shoppers like the trendyhematite necklace look of chokers with popular pendants like hearts, butterflies, turtles, and geometrics. 


Senior citizens and middle aged shoppers are often attracted to the alleged ability to relieve pain.  Many retailers buying wholesale hematite jewelry tell us personal stories of how the iron oxide provided pain relief in their own lives.  Of course this is not New England Journal of Medicine stuff, but those that experience relief are convinced.  My wife wears a hematite bracelet and feels the mineral helps relieve arthritic pain. 


One problem with hematite in the past was necklaces came in a 17 or 18 inch length and bracelets in a 7 hematite extenderinch length, which didn’t fit many consumers. Today 8 inch bracelets and 20 inch and 22 inch necklaces remedy the problem.  Also 3 inch extenders are available to make any necklace fit.


Hematite comes both magnetic and non-magnetic.  Some say the non-magnetic is genuine hematite while the magnetic is actually man-made from iron oxide and called hematine.  Actually nearly all the hematite jewelry seen in the market is the latter.  Gemologists use a streak test as one way to identify stones.  The test scratches the stone on ceramic and the color of the streak left helps in identification.  Natural hematite leaves a brown to red streak while the man-made variety from iron oxide leaves a white streak.  Actually both are iron oxide and it is the less expensive variety that people are wearing for pain relief. 


Wholesale hematite jewelry is surprisingly inexpensive so retailers can add a display of this glistening steel grey jewelry for a nominal investment and may be surprised to find out that it’s just what their customers were looking for.

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