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When is the last time you remember bright colors all over the fashion magazines for summer?  For the last few seasons it’s been secondary colors with neutrals, but this year fashion accessories are stirring excitement with colors like orange, red, yellow, apple green, and bright fuchsia.  From dress hats to fun jewelry these colors are adding pop to a look. Here’s a taste of how good shocking brights in accessories look.


Fashion Jewelry

Bright colors in bold designs are adding fun to fashion jewelry.  Classic designs like gemstone and MuranoBright color fashion jewelry style glass still dominate, but lucite makes a return with chunky designs in bright costume jewelry.  In addition dyed shell is making a statement with vibrant hues.




Dress Hats

Even ladies dress hats are in the act with orange, yellow, turquoise, and bright fuchsia.  The colors pop in bright ladies dress hattraditional dressy hats like polypropylenes as well as sinamays. 




Trendy Hats

Young adults are making statements of individualism with trendy hats like newsboys, fedoras, and ivy caps cabbie hatand bright colors are adding fun to the headwear.  Red, orange, yellow, and apple green are showing up in many of these popular hat styles for the younger market.




Evening Bags

Who would have guessed bright colors in evening bags for spring and summer?  We’re talking really bright bright color evening bagscolors that matched prom dresses in the spring and remain to coordinate with cocktail and bridesmaid dresses.

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