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Tourist destinations boom in the summer, but many other retailers in the fashion jewelry and accessories business see a dip.  Both are looking for something that’s going to grab customers’ attention.  Analyzing the wholesale jewelry that ships out every summer shows that summertime is peak for theme jewelry. 


The leader in this category is Best Brand that crafts an endless line of pendants and earrings in every theme imaginable.  Summer themes include sports like baseball and softball, trips to the beach, the zoo, national parks, swamp tours, and outdoor festivals with music.  Others find interest in pets, gardening, golfing and more.  The pendant and earring line has something for every one of these themes. 


Theme Pendants

Best Brand is a quality leader in fashion jewelry and nearly every pendant starts with a thin sheet of steel thatwhloesaele jewelry pendants is pressed into raised dimensional design with outstanding detail.  Most pendants have sealed backs like the quality jewelry of earlier eras.  Silver plating and hand polishing give the jewelry a mirror shine.  Each location can choose the wholesale jewelry that works in their area or for their theme from over 400 pendants available. 



Theme Earrings

Most of the pendants have matching earrings that are miniatures of the pendants and crafted with the same wholesael earringsstamping process.  The intricate detail is unbelievable, revealing quality your customers can’t miss.  On awnol.com you can easily locate matching earrings for a pendant by using the search in the dark blue bar towards the top of each page.  Use the same number, but change the PD (for pendant) to FS (for fashion earrings).  Most of the time a matching earring will come up.


Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets provide another popular way to express themes although the competition is stiffer in this wholesael charm braceletjewelry because several manufacturers make them in a wide range of quality.  Best Brand often uses the same process for charms that they do for pendants.  In addition the beading is brass that is silver plated.  The bracelets wholesale at a little higher price than others, but the quality is obvious to the eye and the feel.



If you are looking for wholesale jewelry that has a proven track record for summer sales, give theme jewelry some consideration. 

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