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Yesterday the last shipment of ladies dress hats for the summer arrived and it’s only the beginning of May.  Unlike most other businesses except seasonal jewelry, dress hats require deep stock by wholesalers in order to supply businesses all summer long.  The lead time from order to delivery is about two months so orders placed now arrive in July.  For this reason few orders are placed by this time and manufacturers switch to fall hats.


Of course the biggest days for ladies dress hats are Easter and Mother’s Day, but needs continue to arise all summer with weddings, church events, teas, and ladies that simply want to update their church hats.  Retailers that can supply these needs have a captive audience as the only game in town because much of their retail competition and the wholesalers that supply them sell down their spring inventory and do not restock.  


The final shipment increases our inventory to a healthy level to supply the needs of retailers through the heat of the summer.  A few new designs arrived including the following.


Shimmering Ladies Dress Hat

A new addition this season is shimmering dress hats that use a blend of polypropylene and lurex.  A new ladies dress hatstyle just arrived and this season’s earlier designs in this material appear to be very popular with retailers and their customers.




Polypropylene Trimmed Hats

A new hat arrived with trim that spills down the brim.   We had great success with this look last year and women's dressy hatrepeated it with a different arrangement this season.  This is the second design introduced this year with trailing trim and the first style has sold well. 




Visit wholesale dress hats to see other new designs that just arrived as well as dress hats that we recently increased inventory on.

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