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The strongest direction for fashion jewelry this summer remains the classic look.  This is keeping gemstone fashion jewelry and Murano style glass in the forefront.  Trends also include long swinging chains, silver plated jewelry, and vibrant colors, but the highest volume of wholesale jewelry shipping to retail shops is the classic look.  Here are details on some leading looks for summer.


Gemstone Fashion Jewelry

Fashion designs that include semi precious stones fall in this category.  The variety of gemstones used is turquoise jewelryever increasing with the continuing popularity of this category.  Still the standout gemstone of the summer is turquoise.  See the variety and styles under wholesale gemstone jewelry.




Murano Style Glass

Murano style glass also fits into the classic mode of fashion jewelry.  Designs and the process find wholesale Murano style glass jewelryinspiration from Murano, Italy.  With the surging popularity and breath-taking designs, craftsman from around the world are adding their own interpretations using swirling color, beads with suspended foil, and metallic particles the glisten like goldstone.  Visit Murano style glass jewelry and see if you agree.



Silver Plated Jewelry

Two reasons cause silver plated jewelry to uptrend this summer.  First, silver is a theme in summer apparel silver plated fashion jewelryand second, gold is breaking the thousand dollar mark, making gold plating much more expensive.  Besides this, silver always seems to do well in the summer.  Chokers, geometrics, and long swinging chains with charms deliver the look.





Bright Color Fashion Jewelry

Vibrant colors are bringing excitement to all accessories this summer and fashion jewelry is not left out.  bright colored fashion jewelryFashion magazines are showing outfits with a splash of orange, yellow, bright fuchsia, or apple green.  The color often comes from the accessories, making vibrant color fashion jewelry important.  Both wholesale costume jewelry and dyed shell jewelry are doing well to fill this niche.



If you see an important trend that we’ve left out, let us know with a comment.

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