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Considering all the hype hats are getting, spring of 2008 is definitely a time for these accessories.  Most fashion reporters noticed the higher than usual appearance of hats in the fashion shows that previewed spring.  Also celebrities are showing up in hats reminding us how good these accessories can look.  Add to that fashion colors, pinstripes, and polka dots and it’s easy to see why headwear this season makes a big impact, especially on the junior market and young adults.  Here are some of the popular wholesale hats shipping to retailers.



Fedoras are big for spring, especially the stingy brim variety.  Guys and gals alike are wearing this cool hat fedora hatsthat provides individuality with a variety of looks.   Magazines like People Style Watch have shown pages of celebrities wearing fedoras.  Fashion colors carry the hat to a new level for ladies.



Cabbie Hats

Celebrities have given a boost to these trendy hats that are barely distinguishable from newsboys.  This season cabbie hatsees the most exciting designs yet with vibrant colors, pinstripes, polka dots, and metal studs.  If your shop caters to the junior market and young adults, don’t overlook these fresh designs in headwear.




Ivy Caps

How these hats have come along!  They’re no longer reserved for college professors, artists, and musicians.  Ivy ivy capcaps use fresh designs from plaids to sporty looks that match active wear.  Colors get a lot more exciting too in these caps that are also popping up on the heads of celebrities. 



This is the tip of the iceberg in trendy hats that are growing in popularity this season.  If the style isn’t here for your customer’s personality, there are dozens more to choose from in wholesale casual hats.  As long as these trendy accessories find favor with celebrities and on the runways, trendy hats are going to be important to retailers focused on a younger market.

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