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As Mother’s Day approaches sales statistics of wholesale hats give us a snapshot of the most popular ladies dress hats for spring of 2008.  Here’s a quick review of the three most popular categories in reverse order based on sales.


Dressy Hats with Super Widebrims

Super widebrims are the third most popular category of hats that began appearing last season and got a big widebrim dress hatsboost from Ralph Lauren in the spring fashion shows.  Brims on these classic hats are five or more inches wide.  Expect more of this look in the fall and again next spring.  Most are fine straw or toyo weaves simply decorated.




Decorated Polypropylene Women’s Dress Hats

These dress hats are the traditional look of decorated headwear that has been so popular as church hats overpolypropylene women's dress hat the last several years.  Shapes include all the classics from small down turned brims to kettle brims, lampshades, and swingers.   These timeless hats return every spring and, based on the quantity of wholesale hats sold, are the second most popular category in the spring of 2008.  Every fashionable color appears in these exquisite designs.



Ladies Sinamay Hats

There is something very elegant and contemporary about ladies sinamay hats that prove to be the best ladies sinamay dress hatselling category for spring 2008.  The style certainly got a boost from Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the US and Kentucky Derby last year.  Photographs from the derby and state affairs show the Queen elegantly dressed in suits with matching sinamay hats.  Sinamay hats are the fastest moving and seem to have a rosy future.



Find all these styles under wholesale dress hats. We make an effort to stock inventory deep enough to fill the needs of retail shops through the summer.  This is essential in order to fill demands late in the summer because hat manufacturers are now switching to production of fall hats.  Mother’s Day and Easter are the two big days for dress hats, but demand continues throughout the summer and supply becomes scarce.

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