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A look at the runways, celebrity magazines, and fine department stores leaves no doubt the classic trend in fashion is alive and well.  The trend began evolving a few seasons ago and brought with it fashion jewelry embellished with gemstone components.  The semi precious stones that are household words like tiger’s eye, rose quartz, and carnelian ushered in the trend.   The consumer couldn’t get enough of it so the field expanded to the point that gemstone jewelry today is like a walk through a natural history museum. 

These are some of the obscure and unique semi precious stones that are bringing new excitement to fashion jewelry using gemstones. 

 red agate necklace set

Red Agate Jewelry

This semi precious stone can’t seem to find a name.  Some call it red agate; others fire agate and crackle stone.  The gemstone has a salmon color with translucence that reveals interesting pomegranate like design.   Magnifying these stones reveals intriguing patterns that galvanize attention even outside the jewelry design. 


Picture Jasper Jewelry

Jasper has an infinite variety of looks, all with different names.  Picture jasper has patterns that appear to picture jasper semi precious jewelryscenes usually in beige colors.  Occasionally aqua blue colors mix with the beige for even more attractive designs.  Smaller beige beads often provide spacers in designs while larger stones can deliver the scene effect as pendants. 





Dyed Crystal Jewelry

Crystal quartz is providing a rainbow of bright colors with a process of dying.  The semi precious stone is crystal quartz jewelrytoo hard to dye so the process heats the crystals and then douses them in cold water to create fractures, which absorb the dye.  The fractures also create some shimmer to add to the interesting color.




Tree Agate

Agates, like jasper, come in a huge variety of looks with as many different names.  Both are hard stones tree agate braceletranking 7 on the Mohs scale.  Usually agates have some transparency and often display banding while jasper is opaque.  Tree agate provides interesting color for semi precious jewelry with its white and green mottled hues.


More wholesale jewelry using unusual semi precious stones can be found at gemstone fashion jewelry or gemstone bracelets.

Expect plenty of new surprises in gemstone jewelry as the summer goes on because this jewelry category seems to be capturing the most interest among consumers.

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