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Rising prices in fashion jewelry and accessories are a cake walk next to what’s going on at the gas pump, but still retailers feel them and have to reflect the higher costs in their selling prices.  We’re not talking luxury lines here.  They march to a different drummer with some designers, especially in handbags, introducing masstige lines (prestige for the masses) at reduced prices to capture some of the money they are leaving on the table.  Others, like Gucci, are raising prices to distance themselves from watered down luxury.


The price rise we are talking about is in moderate accessories that populate most boutiques and accessory stores.  Fuel is a player in these price increases, but it’s not the only culprit.  Metal prices are on the rise from base metals to the gold and silver used for plating.


The largest supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories is China where wages are taking a steep rise along with the cost of living.  The dollar buys less as it loses ground to the Yuan to the tune of about 10% over the last year.   Subsidies to manufacturers in China melt away under the pressure of their trading partners that are piling up trade deficits. 


The United States consumes over 30% of fashion jewelry produced and much of it, even the nicer bridge lines, comes from China.  Once there was a noticeable gap between American plating and that done in the Far East, but as techniques and equipment improved more designer and wholesale houses used these sources to control cost.


One quality leader in fashion jewelry, Best Brand, crafts an extensive pendant and earring line using a wholesale jewelry pendantstamping process that delivers unique designs in raised relief.  Only malleable metals like steel and brass work with this technique and these metals have tripled over the last several months, not to mention the skyrocketing cost of plating materials.  Each piece has a sealed back stamped with its name.  The company built a reputation on quality and refuses to cut corners.  The line took a slight price increase earlier this year, but nothing big enough to overcome the escalating prices.    


Fortunately the price increases are more gradual which reduces the kind of sticker shock we feel at the gas pump.  Also, consumers are demanding higher quality so price increases are expected.  Somehow everyone gets use to it and forgets the days when a pack of gum was five cents. 

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