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Classic best sellers

Many businesses rely on their best selling items to stay afloat in today’s highly competitive culture. Finding a top selling item is one of the first challenges for a young business. Once you realize what your customers are reacting to the best, you can nurture those items to create a consistent revenue stream.

But what if you’re having trouble finding your store’s item? You can always find solace in wholesale jewelry and accessories, items that have traditionally sold well throughout the years.

Diversify your selection

Expanding your catalogue to allow hot items like hematite jewelry, brooches, earrings, and gemstone jewelry can ensure a consistent flow of sales. It’s a wonderful way to jumpstart stagnant numbers and really get business going. Regardless of where you set up shop, there will always be individuals who need and want fashion accessories.

We at Accessory Wholesale are happy to provide a wide variety of accessories to your shelves. We understand how important it is to find a hot item for your store. Affording you the opportunity to do so is a service we enjoy providing. Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 to learn more about our goods!

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Put the money back into your business

You’ve worked hard. You deserve the tax refund coming to you. For many people, the tax refund will be a welcoming little bump from regular income. So what’s one of the best ways to make sure the money is used wisely?

Invest in yourself

Owning a fashion store or running a fashion boutique is a demanding business. You must constantly be keeping up with the latest trends and making sure they are represented on your shelves. Because of this, there is a constant flux of inventory –always moving, changing, and shifting.

So this year, put your tax refund money into getting ahead. Stock up on your top selling items, trendy pieces, or a new line. Invest in yourself and you’ll find the forthcoming rewards to be equally as profitable.

For fashion vendors and apparel boutiques, we at Accessory Wholesale are more than ready to help you get ahead this year. We have an incredible catalogue filled with elegant jewelry and accessories that your customers want.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 and let’s work together to make your tax refund work for you!

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Anyone familiar with Mardi Gras in New Orleans knows that the special throw for Zulu is hand-decorated coconuts.  Outside of that, most throws were beads, cups, trinkets, and doubloons.  Well, all of that changed with the start of the Krewe of Muses in 2000.



Krewe of Muses shoes

Muses returned to hand decorated throws with shoes they decorated themselves.  The image shows an example of shoes for the Muses parade.  Paint, glitter, feathers, stones, appliqués, faces, and decorative pieces combined with creativity produce some remarkable designs that revelers will almost die for.



Paint and glitterMardi Gras magnets fro decoration are easy to find, but what about the rest of the components?  Perhaps the hardest components to find are the decorative pieces that really add pizzazz to the shoes.  An easy addition to the shoes that makes a statement is Mardi Gras face magnets.  Twenty available styles provide different looks.


Mardi Gras feather pins

Feather pins are another way to make fabulous shoe designs fast and easy.  A favorite is the pin shown, which comes in Mardi Gras colors. Add this pin to the shoes and you are half finished with decorating.



Krewe of Nyx decorated evening bag

Muses is s women’s Krewe that soon filled to capacity, so a new Krewe called Nyx started in 2011.  The overflow rapidly brought membership in this Krewe to capacity.  Their signature throw is decorated evening bags.  Their colors are hot pink and black, so this is a popular combination in their hand-decorated bags.  Decorating bags for the Krewe of Nix can be fast and affordable using decorations above and bags from the evening bag selection.

Mardi Gras theme in Krewe of Nyx bag

To keep cost reasonable, crafters can choose bags marked down to $6.75 and add decorations shown for a total cost of under $10.  Several different evening bags in the mark down election offer a variety of styles and colors.



Krewe of Athena decorated hat

Last year a new women’s Krewe started up–The Krewe of Athena.  They introduced hand-decorated fedoras as another signature throw.  This has grown into a major Krewe.  So where can crafters find enough fedoras for the throws they need?  Accessory Wholesale has a recent shipment of nearly 1,000 fedoras starting at $4.75 wholesale.


The variety of styles and colors allows for plenty of creative designs.   Most of the components including the gold appliqués and jester face can also be found at awnol.com.

Women’s Krewes are reinventing creative throws for the first time since the Zulu coconut.

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Why crystal jewelry is so important

Crystal jewelry is a popular fashion accessory, and has been for years. It’s the type of special accessory that you see everyone sport; from kings and queens to artists and musicians. It the accessory of the people?

Make sure your store is stocked up

There are two basic reasons as to why crystal jewelry is so popular among the masses. First off, it is rather inexpensive. Nowadays, you can find beautiful, handcrafted crystal jewelry on the web for under 5 dollars! Second off, crystal jewelry is so customizable. There is a seemingly endless amount of combinations and styles ranging from simple to complex, each beholding an elegance in its own right. Crystal jewelry’s versatility is what makes it uniquely special.

Accessory Wholesale Inc.

We at Accessory Wholesale realize that crystal jewelry is a favorite of people everywhere. That’s why we provide it, at great wholesale prices, for shops and store across the country. So that you can make sure your loyal customers get what they need.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 for more information!

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Sales figures for most small fashion businesses experienced a continuous slide over the last few years. But something is happening now that points to a big improvement in business ahead–not in the distant future, but starting right now. Falling gas prices are putting a big chunk of money back in consumers’ pockets. Market Watch uses Goldman Sachs research to predict households will save $1,100 a year with gas prices at $2.80 in 2015. Prices are already hitting $2.00 per gallon in Louisiana, which means the savings to the average household will be far greater than $1,100.

In addition, lower fuel prices can also translate to reduced prices in utilities, manufactured goods, groceries, and any other consumer goods that move by truck. The flip side is some loss of jobs because of cutbacks in the oil industry. This is regrettable. But if oil is at $65 per barrel, most companies can continue to operate profitably and consumers can benefit from savings. Quartz.com reports that every time oil prices fell in modern times, it spurred the economy. A robust economy grows more jobs, more paychecks, and more consumer spending. .

So with a rosy outlook for the economy, what do we need to have in the showcases now? The answer is the subject of this newsletter.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Hard to Find Jewelry that is Hot Now
Finding a selection of nice Mardi Gras jewelry is not easy. That is good for you because you have a source and that puts you ahead of the Mardi Gras Pin 94 competition. Mardi Gras jewelry is a popular way for your customers to share in the spirit. It also a necessity for royalty in Krewes that need favors. If you are in an area with parades and balls, you don’t want to miss this once a year opportunity.

Promote your selection with a Mardi Gras display that captures the spirit. If you want to add some music, shop for Mardi Gras in New Orleans Volume 1 and 2. Some reliable sources are Floyds Records, Louisiana Cajun Stuff, and Cajun Village near Sorrento.

If you are not in the Mardi Gras area, you are not left out. Nearly everyone in the country is familiar with Mardi Gras. You can bring the party to the store with Mardi Gras jewelry, accessories, gifts, and beads. Put up some Mardi Gras decorations, play the music, and maybe even serve some samples of king cake. This will add some excitement to January and February and have folks in town talking about your shop.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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A Lasting Sign of Warm Feelings

Many skeptics look at Valentine’s Day as a moneymaker invented by Hallmark or the candy and flower industry. Fortunately, couples and those courting don’t take this attitude. A large percentage of every age of married couples and those dating see Valentine’s Day as a special time to show warm feelings. The day is so special that they spend 18.6 billion dollars to RED CRYSTAL HEART PIN show how much they care.

The nice thing about Valentine’s jewelry is that when the dinner is over, the flowers have wilted, and the candy is gone, the jewelry item remains as a permanent sign of love. Brooches are a favorite jewelry piece that is meaningful and affordable. In fashion jewelry, hearts are the leading item. Red heart brooches and necklaces lead sales. The heart brooch shown is popular year after year.

Necklace sets also do well for Valentine’s Day. You will probably remember the crystal heart necklace shown. Other heart necklace sets with a contemporary look will be arriving soon. Especially younger customers like the two-tone metal design with hammered texture and engraved messages. Watch fro their arrival on the site.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Mardi Gras Balls, Prom, and Pageant
Demand for crowns and tiaras begin now and continue until summer. The Mardi Gras and Homecoming Crowns hardest item to find is mens crowns. Mardi Gras, prom, and festival kings all call for men’s crowns. The cost of quality crowns can go up to several hundred dollars. Fortunately, you have a source with several choices in quality men’s crowns below $85.

Local stores have an advantage over online stores in this market. The king wants to see how the crown looks on and how it fits. Only the local store can offer these options to customers before they buy the crown. A favorite is the one shown that comes in gold or silver plating.

Adjust crowns that are too large by adding padding inside. The easiest way to do this is weather stripping that sticks to the inside of the crown on one side and has foam on the other side. This also makes the crown more comfortable to wear.

Tiaras are even more important because they have a bigger customer base. Brides, pageant winners, maids and other members of Mardi Gras courts, as well as members of homecoming courts are all potential customers for tiaras. Other needs for tiaras are quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, and bachelorette parties. fleur-de-lis scepter

Scepters are another hard to find item. See fabulous designs on the site with the most popular ranging from $12.75 to $29.50. For many retailers, stocking these items makes them the only game in town.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Crystal Necklace Sets Raise the Bar
The first five months of the year are exciting because there are so many large crystal necklace set events that call for fashion items–prom, dance competition, Easter, spring hats, Mother’s Day, Kentucky Derby, spring festivals. These months have something for nearly every type of fashion business. But the first things out of the gate are Mardi Gras, debutantes, and Valentine’s Day. All of these can call for breath-taking crystal jewelry.

Lavish crystal necklace sets continue to impact consumers with a breath-taking shock of beauty. The look surfaced in the spring of 2013. By fall, Accessories Magazine listed it as a trend labeled Estate Update. Continuous innovation has this trend thriving with the newest additions just one week old. The crystal necklace set pictured is among the favorites.

These dramatic crystal necklace sets are perfect for Mardi Gras balls. The same sets also appeal to some debutantes and what a look for theater and dining out on Valentine’s Day.

Add a few of these sets to a showcase of rhinestone and crystal jewelry. The sparkle will mesmerize your clientele.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Christmas scarves
Words only nibble at the edge of the meaning of Christmas spirit, but Christmas accessories ignite the feeling and spread it to others. Christmas scarves are a classic gift that oozes with Christmas spirit. This year, the supply seems to be low, but you have a source and can keep the tradition going of scarves as a classic Christmas gift.

Christmas Ties
The traditional gift for Dad is ties. For Christmas, ties with a message are even more meaningful. What could have more of a message than Christmas themes that radiate the holiday spirit?

Christmas Jewelry
Christmas pins stir feelings of nostalgia with designs in gingerbread men, Christmas carolers, old fashion sleighs, and vintage Santa designs. They have a magnetic quality of drawing customers.

Crystal Necklace Sets
Sparkle that galvanizes attention, crystal necklace sets have raised the bar on beauty in jewelry. Make your customers irresistible for holiday parties and Mardi Gras balls that follow soon after.

Gemstone Jewelry
Has costume jewelry lost its direction? Apparently so! But we can count on gemstone jewelry that is never out of style for this holiday season. Customers recognize an intrinsic value in gemstone jewelry that delivers the beauty of nature.

Basic Chokers
Whether its gemstone pendants or any other classic pendant, the basic wire choker is a piece of jewelry needed to show off these works of art. Humble chokers add a hidden treasure in your shop as something customers need, but have great difficulty finding.

Hat Scarf Sets
Hat scarf sets are the practical Christmas gift that lets your customers look good as they keep warm. Pompoms are stylish again this year.

Animal Hats for Kids
Kids love stuffed animals.  These animal hats have the same cute look and soft furry texture.  There will be no trouble getting them to bundle up with these cute animal hats.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
If diamonds are beyond the budget this Christmas, the look and the feeling are still there with cubic zirconia jewelry that looks so real, only a jeweler knows.

Purse Hooks
Avery practical gift that is rarely found-purse hooks solve the problem of finding a sanitary place to put their purse. The hooks balance on a tabletop with handbags using the hook to remain suspended above the floor.

Nativity Scenes
No matter what the dire news reports, most shoppers still know the meaning of the season.Nativity scenes let them share the meaning.

Sculptured Pewter Writing Pens
For customers digging for rare treasures, these sculptured pewter writing pens provide something they won’t find in any other shop. They come in dozens of themes and designs. Each one comes in a black velvet box with white satin lining.

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