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From Bulk Masks to Extravagant

Masks have so many facets, they could be a newsletter by themselves. To simplify, we are going to list categories with a picture and short description.

Venetian Style Masks:
A range of looks and prices inspired by the masks of Venice. New arrivals include leather masks and macramé masks.

Masquerade Masks:
Inexpensive masks for your customers doing parties that need bulk masks. Cats, butterflies, and masks on a stick are some of the styles.

Feather Masks:
Good looking masks at low wholesale prices. Your customers can wear them or use them for decorations or in centerpieces.

Day of the Dead Masks:
Popular in the Hispanic culture, The Day of the Dead occurs from Oct. 31 to Nov 2, corresponding to Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. It has a long history and banks in Mexico close for this event.

Rhinestone Masks:
Rhinestone masks are the height of extravagance in masks. Both rhinestone and crystal designs are available.

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With a flurry of activity occupying everybody’s mind from Thanksgiving to New Years, is it too early for shops towholesale Mardi Gras jewelry think about stocking wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry?  Actually, those that stock Mardi Gras jewelry early reap a big benefit.  Let’s look at the reason why.


In 2015, Mardi Gras Day is February 17 and the traditional starting date for the Carnival season is January 6, The Feast of the Epiphany when The Wise Men arrive to visit the Christ Child.  For many Krewes, Coronations and Mardi Gras Balls precede Fat Tuesday, often by several weeks.  There is a great need for favors for these events and Krewe members are shopping early to get special designs in Mardi Gras jewelry and favors they will proud to give.



Mardigrastraditions.com shows excellent insight in their report on the development of Mardi Gras Balls.  The period of Reconstruction in the late 1800s brought turmoil to social and political norms in New Orleans.  To offset this, upper class citizens organized balls that acted out aristocratic fantasies based on pre-Enlightenment Europe when kings and courts had codes of chivalry and behavior.  These balls gradually developed into Carnival Balls that continue to this day.

The Balls are private events thrown by Krewes.  Krewes are private clubs that develop the events that make up Mardi Gras including Balls and parades. They have royal courts including kings and queens. Those selected for the court consider it a great privilege.  As a member, there are certain expectations.  One of them is the giving of favors by kings, queens, maids, dukes and other court members.  In addition, there is a need for “call-out” favors for ladies invited to dance.  Other Krewe members often give favors to those seated at their table.  Finding favors early eliminates the stress of a frantic search when they are in short supply close to the time of the Ball.



Traditionally, the most popular favor is Mardi Gras jewelry.  A decade ago, the Mardi Gras crown ring was an eliteMardi Gras ring Mardi Gras favor with low supply and great demand.  These crown rings, made in the USA, were finished with heavy gold electroplated and clear crystals or crystals in Mardi Gras colors.  Stock is still available for this wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry if you want to offer your customers this exclusive item that looks like fine jewelry.  Since the USA no longer manufacturers these rings, they will be a Mardi Gras collectible once inventory is depleted.


Mardi Gras Teddy Bear pinThe wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry most often used as favors is pins.  Mardi Gras pins offer the happy combination of a classy look and low wholesale prices.  There are at least 40 choices available from cute to classic.  The Mardi Gras Teddy Bear pin shown would have to be included with cute.


Mardi Gras history and collectibles are part of the New Orleans culture.  Some wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry reaches back in history providing a favor that is definitely unique.

doubloon holders

Doubloon holders are that kind of Mardi Gras jewelry that makes unique favors.  First of all, some people are going to wonder what is a doubloon.  The short answer is a coin-like favor or throw.  And yes, it’s an item that started in New Orleans.  Find the full story on gonola.com.  For those that want a quick answer, these throws or favors slightly larger than the old silver dollars began in 1960 when Alvin Sharpe came up with the idea for The Krewe of Rex.

First minted in aluminum, Rex has 1000 anodized in gold and used them as throws in their parade.  Soon other Krewes were using them.  The “heavies” followed shortly afterwards—doubloons minted in bronze or sterling tht Krewe members could buy.

For these a doubloon holder made a way to convert a valuable Mardi Gras memento into Mardi Gras jewelry.  The USA produced some nice doubloon holders.  These became Mardi Gras jewelry that was very appropriate as favors.

Today China makes most of the doubloon holders at promotional prices with lower quality than the originals made in the USA. The few American-made that we have left are under wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry as two different products.  One is a blank that accepts the recipients own doubloon.  These are good for Krewe members that want to use their own doubloon as jewelry.

Doubloon holders with 1960s doubloon

The other comes with a doubloon included.  The doubloons in these doubloon holders are mainly from the 1960s, the decade in which doubloons first appeared. Both are in low supply.  They are no longer in production so grab this wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry while inventory is available.


So should retailers stock wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry early?  Absolutely, both for royalty that is shopping early and also so those shopping later will see it your showcases when they are doing their Christmas shopping.  After the holidays, they know where to go to find favors.

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A Major Retail Event

Start early making a splash with Halloween items. You don’t want to look like Wal-Mart and you don’t have to. You can do Halloween with class. Begin with boutique quality in Halloween jewelry. Under the category on the site, there are Halloween lampwork bead bracelets, puffy metal pendants, pins, and earrings. There are also enameled bracelets, resin earrings, and plenty of neckties and scarves in Halloween themes. The puffy pumpkin pendant for Halloween we are showing has pin back so can also serves as a brooch.

This provides accessories for grown-ups that are going to work on Friday, the day of Halloween. But for kids and grown ups going to Halloween parties, there are novelty hats. This is the day of the year when everyone can be whoever they want to be. The witch hat shown is popular every Halloween. Novelty hats provide the option to be a king, a pirate, a nun, a princess, or any of dozens of other characters just by putting on the hat.

Then there are novelty sunglasses-a costume your customer can put in their pocket. Have some fun. Browse the novelty sunglasses that include Diva glasses, google eyes, giant cateye glasses, and beer mugs among others.

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It is already happening—members of Krewes are in the hunt for Mardi Gras favors.  Shops stock wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry and souvenirs to accessorize the locals as well as tourists and to provide something for visitors to take home.  The demand for Mardi Gras jewelry and favors explodes when you add the need for favors by courts and Krewe members attending balls.



Krewes and Mardi Gras Balls are familiar to many along the Gulf Coast, but others may appreciate a look inside the  mysterious world of Krewes, kings, queens, royal courts, and formal balls.  Let’s begin with the parades.  If you haven’t seen one, this is Rex in 2008.



When someone unfamiliar with Krewes attends a Mardi Gras parade, they have no idea who organized and paid for these extravaganzas.  Parades are planned and paid for by Krewes, which are private and usually secretive clubs supported by the dues of members.

Krewes plan the parades following local ordinances and pay for everything from floats and marching bands to police and cleanup.  They also pay for all the throws tossed at every parade.


Many Krewes have formal balls.  In New Orleans, this tradition goes back to 1718 and with a few interruptions, continues until today.  See novareinna.com for more details.


Favors are an important part of these formal balls.  Kings, queens, and the members of the court give favors.  Krewe members give favors for call-out dances and to others sitting at their table.  This makes finding nice Mardi Gras favors an important task before the event.



Mardi Gras jewelry with jester pendant

Mardi Gras jewelry is traditionally a popular favor.  Favors given to ladies attending the ball can be almost any kind of jewelry including pins, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.




Mardi Gras pin with color for favors

The most popular jewelry for favors is Mardi Gras pins.  Some have purple, gold, and green color—the official colors for Mardi Gras.  These re immediately recognized as Mardi Gras jewelry.



two-tone plated Marde Gras mask pin

Often the person giving favors wants to provide jewelry that is wearable year round—not limited only to the Carnival season.  So they pick Mardi Gras themes without color.  These pins are usually silver or gold plated—some with embedded crystals or rhinestone embellishment.



Rhinestone title Mardi Gras pins Rhinestone pins spelling out the title of royalty are a traditional favor sought after every year.  Pins cover nearly every member of the court and more.  King, queen, maid, page, duke, duchess, prince, princess, captain—the list goes on.  Silver plated settings and clear rhinestones are the most common, but some members prefer gold plated settings that are also available.



Fleur-de-lis key chain for men's favors

Mardi Gras favors for men are often not as easy to find.  Popular for men are cuff links, tie bars, tie tacks, and key chains.  These items in Mardi Gras themes are very popular.  In Louisiana and especially New Orleans, the items are also popular with a fleur-de-lis design.




Perhaps the most popular traditional favor are maMardi Gras jester magnets in Carnival colorsgnets with jester heads, faces, or masks.  More than twenty designs of these are available on line including the popular jester head in Mardi Gras colors shown.


Small jester dolls are another frequently given favor.  The best is the small jester doll with lame’ outfit in purple, gold, and green.



Jester dolls for specail Mardi Gras favors

Often royalty wants special favors for a few special people.  Larger jester dolls make wonderful special favors.  These jester dolls come in the traditional carnival colors as well as other color combinations.  The white velvet jester doll shown is 16 inches high and winds up for music and motion—very exquisite.


Very affordable are jester head wands with the jester head mounted on a decorated stick or jester head ornaments with the glazed ceramic head in purple, gold, and green lame’.


The important thing is Krewe members want something appropriate and shop early because nearly every year the supply of nice favors is hard to find as Fat Tuesday approaches.  Also many balls are well before the parades.  So prepare early for this business.

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The Homecoming Accessory that is Hard to Find

Many homecomings have events that call for the court to wear dress hats. These hats are usually fall hats in wool felt, often with smaller brims. The wool felt hat shown is a prime example of dress hats for homecoming.

At the same time homecoming is going on, church ladies are also looking for fall dress hats also. This increases the size of your audience and gives you more opportunities for sales.

Dress hats have limited supply, which is good for you once shoppers know you are a source.

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The mention of wholesale Halloween jewelry brings an image to mind of cheap plastic pins and earrings on a big stand-up card sitting by the cash register.   That’s OK for impulse sales, but it hardly has the class of nice boutique Halloween jewelry and accessories.


This year Halloween falls on a Friday so grown-ups will be going to work during the day and maybe celebrating at night.  Halloween accessories and jewelry will let them bring the spirit to work.  They want something better than trinkets and that is what this blog is going to explore.



Do you remember the sterling silver puffy hearts that were a rage fifteen years ago?  TheWholesale Halloween jewelry sterling puffy jewelry is still around and very pricey.  But a manufacturer named Best has carried this look to a new height in fashion jewelry and made it affordable.


One theme is Halloween jewelry.  The pumpkin pendant shown is an example of this superb fashion jewelry that boutiques and department stores would be proud to have in their showcases.


Who can tell whether these pendants are sterling or fashion jewelry?  The manufacturing procedure is the same.  Best uses the same stamping process used in sterling only they start with a thin sheet of steel rather than sterling silver.   The method creates unbelievable detail in raised relief that is plated and polished.   The finished product looks identical to sterling silver.

Witch Halloween pendant

The price of this wholesale Halloween jewelry is a fraction of the wholesale cost of sterling.  Not only that, most designs are not even available in sterling. Unique pieces for Halloween include the witch shown flying over puffy letters spelling “Boo”.  Most pendants including this one have pin backs so also double as a brooch.



Many of the pendants have matching earrings made with the same process.  These scarecrowHalloween scarecrow earrings earrings have a matching pendant.  The Halloween earrings have the same puffy look with intricate detail and high polished finish.



Wholesale Halloween jewelry makes a classy set with the pendants and earrings reviewed above—a set you will be proud to show your customers.  But something is missing.  How are your customers going to wear the pendants?  The answer is wire chokers—a very practical basic.

Pick form dozens of designs.  The same pendant can take on different looks by just changingquestion mark choker the neck wire.  One popular choker is the question mark.  This wire choker gets its name from a loop in the front resembling a question mark.  The neck wire comes in silver or gold plating and in three styles: CK1 uses smooth flat wire, CK96 has flat wire with a hammered texture, and CK79 is round wire.


Another popular neck wire is CK132, a flat wire choker with a dip inNeck wire with dip the center that cradles the bail of the pendant.  This choker also has a choice of gold or silver plating.

Neck wires are a year round basic, not limited to Halloween.  They give your customers a way to wear any pendant, even ones at home in their jewelry box.


Now is the time to order wholesale Halloween jewelry so you can get it in your shop and interest customers early.  The best advertising is shoppers talking about your nice selection.  Finally, what about Halloween for guys?   The next blog covers wholesale Halloween accessories including neckties that guys can wear to work.

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Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry-the Sure Bet

We are in the heat of homecoming season for high schools and universities across the nation. In addition to parades, tailgating, and football games, most homecomings have a court and a dance. It is the homecoming court and the dance that calls for items you can supply.

Dressy jewelry has the greatest demand. Every woman going to the dance needs sparkly accessories. This is fall’s version of prom and many retailers overlook the opportunity. Both rhinestone and crystal jewelry are important in necklace sets, bracelets, earrings, and hair accessories.

The infatuation with iridescent crystals continues to obsess today’s shoppers. So including some iridescent rhinestone and crystal jewelry is a must. The rhinestone necklace set we are showing has jet highlights, but also has an option for iridescent stones. This necklace set is eye-catching without overwhelming. Members of the court, especially the queen, usually want jewelry that makes more of a statement. The crystal choker set in the sidebar provides exquisite design that is irresistible.

Combinations of dramatic earrings and bracelets are a popular substitute for necklace sets for many of today’s shoppers. Find bracelets on the site under the categories for rhinestone jewelry and crystal jewelry. The crystal bracelet in the sidebar is an exceptional look with iridescent stones and gold plating.

Dramatic earrings are also located under both categories with some especially exciting styles (like the ones shown) located in crystal earrings.

So why did we call rhinestone and crystal jewelry a sure bet in the title? Because glitzy jewelry has need beyond homecoming. Holidays, Mardi Gras, and prom are coming and all call for sparkly jewelry. Pageant, dance competition, choirs, performances are just a few more occasions that will need sparkly accessories.

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Homecoming Hats

Another Coast-To-Coast Opportunity

Many Homecomings require members of the court to wear dress hats, which are not always easy to find. Since dress hats work as both homecoming and church hats, this minimizes the risk of not selling.

Selection includes felt dress hats in small brims and wide brims. Some retailers have told us in the past that they prefer small brims because the larger brims are overwhelming for some of the girls.

Again, this is another story that you want to stock early so your customers will know you are a source.

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Are wholesale homecoming accessories ignored?  Retailers get excited about prom—the spring bonanza that helps catch up the bills.  But Homecoming goes by without much fanfare even though it is almost the same thing for fall that prom is for spring.   Prom is a night; homecoming can be a week.  Prom is for high school; homecoming includes high school and college.  Actually, it started with colleges.  University of Missouri, University of Illinois, and Baylor University all claim to be first—and first is in the 1890s. So what are the wholesale homecoming accessories that need to be in your showcases to capitalize on this major coast to coast event?


HOMECOMING JEWELRYlavish crystal necklace set

Homecomings usually have a dance and homecoming court.  Both require glitzy jewelry.  There is more than students in attendance—there are alumni—and they want to look their best when they meet their old classmates.

Homecoming Necklace Set

If you are outfitting the homecoming court, they often require multiple sets of jewelry for different functions.  Coronations can be elaborate and need sets that make a statement.   Recent developments in crystal jewelry are delivering breath-taking designs.  The choker set shown is an example of designs that are not only exceptional, but also affordable.  This set is shown with iridescent stones in gold plated settings.  It is also available with clear stones in silver plated settings.

rhinestone collar set

Wholesale homecoming accessories also include rhinestone jewelry needed by the court for events that are not as lavish and popular with those going to the homecoming dance.  Rhinestone necklace sets are toned down from the lavish looks of crystal.  Some set can be very simple.  The rhinestone collar shown has a classic look that does not overwhelm.


Homecoming Earrings and Braceletsiridescent crystal earrrings

Some of your customers going to the dance will skip the necklaces and opt for bracelet and earring combinations.  Like prom, homecoming jewelry is experiencing growing demand for iridescent stones in earrings and bracelets.  One reason is improved quality of Chinese iridescent crystals that dazzle while radiating colors at very affordable prices.


The iridescent crystal earrings shown have plenty of sparkle and have size that makes a statement.  Both rhinestone and crystal earrings offer deigns that will grab your customers attention.

rhinestone cuff bracelet

Many of today’s shoppers have thrown out the guideline that only one piece of jewelry should be dramatic.  When bracelet and earring combinations replace necklace sets, both pieces often make a statement.  The rhinestone cuff bracelet pictured combines rows of clear and iridescent rhinestones.


Homecoming Hair Accessories

Normally trends move from fashion jewelry to bridal and formal, but the opposite seems to have happened with hair accessories.  The normally conservative styles of bridal accessories suddenly erupted with new and retro looks in side combs and hair accessories replacing the traditional veil.  Expect this to spill over into homecoming, holiday, and prom.

rhinestone side combs

The rhinestone side combs shown are a good example.  Visit the bridal hair accessory page to see a variety of new hair accessories that those going to homecoming will most likely be looking for.


In addition, the hair accessories like rhinestone headbands and ponytail holders will also be important for homecoming accessories.

Wholesale Homecoming Hatshomecoming hats

Wholesale homecoming accessories have one element that prom doesn’t have—dress hats.  The homecoming courts for many schools, especially universities, appear at certain events in dress hats. Smaller brim felt hats like the one shown were normally the most popular.  Today wider brim dress hats are also doing well.  Usually, they want the hats for court members to match.  Since courts can include 8 or a dozen girls, the investment can be serious so it is best to use a sample hat and try to get a commitment early while inventory is still available.


Crowns, Tiaras, and Sceptershomecoming king's crown

Most homecomings have a queen and many have a king.  They need crowns and often need scepters.  Other members of the court often need tiaras.  Depending on the school and their budget, king’s homecoming crowns can be rather inexpensive.  The crown shown wholesales for below $25 and has a handsome look.

queen's homecoming crown

The queen’s crown often has height in a rhinestone design.  These crowns have a wide range of prices starting at $19 wholesale and going to over $150.  Universities are normally looking for higher end crowns, but budgets control what any school can do.  Crowns are available in gold and silver plating.  The one shown wholesales at $64.00

wholesale homecoming accessories--tiaras

If members of the court need tiaras, the wholesale rhinestone tiara selection has some eye-catching designs in gold or silver plating and with different heights. You will find a number of very attractive tiaras from wholesale price of $7.50 to $12.50.

homecoming scepters

The most popular scepters include fleur-de-lis scepters, crown designs, and tops with swirling three-dimensional globes.  Scepters also come in silver or gold plating and the most popular wholesale under $30.00


No time to waste with homecomings happening somewhere every weekend this time of the year.  So find the wholesale homecoming accessories that fit your location and clientele and get the word out that you are a source.

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New Bridal and Prom Hair Accessories

The Wild Side of Bridal Accessories

Watching movies about the Roaring Twenties reveals a time when things got a little wild–flappers, bobbed hair, shorter hemlines, and speakeasies. This period is inspiration to many of the bridal hair accessories that are returning. The forehead jewelry shown is one of these designs resurfacing. To illustrate what we mean, see old wedding pictures from the 1920s by visiting our Pinterest page on Wholesale Bridal Jewelry.

Bridal accessories are normally a very conservative business. This makes all the new hair accessories surfacing a surprise. We can be sure it won’t be limited to bridal. Prom hair accessories and accessories for holiday and eveningwear will follow the same trends. This is another story to build excitement in your shop.

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