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Subcategory of Bridal Jewelry Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Bracelets
Bridal Bracelets
In your selection of wholesale bridal jewelry, provide your customers with the finishing touch by including elegant faux pearl bracelets often arranged with crystals and rhinestones. The wholesale bridal bracelets include simple one line designs as well as lavish multiple strands. White, ivory, and off-white are available to coordinate with the wedding jewelry or to be given as bridesmaids gifts.

Click the image to view the selection of wholesale bridal bracelets

Bridal Combs and Hair Accessories
Bridal Combs and Hair Accessories
See wholesale bridal hair accessories from traditional to the latest trends including bridal side combs. Bridal combs, headbands, flower ornaments, and barrettes are detailed. Also visit Rhinestone Hair Ornaments and Bridal Tiaras for more bridal hair ornaments.

  Click on the picture to see selection of wholesale bridal combs and accessories

Bridal Earrings
Bridal Earrings
See wholesale bridal earrings in a variety of designs using faux pearl, crystals, and rhinestone. The bridal earrings range from delicate to lavish styles and are available in white, ivory, and off-white. Some gowns do not accommodate a necklace so add wedding earrings to your order of wholesale bridal jewelry for an elegant look on the special day.

View the selection of wholesale bridal earrings by clicking on the image

Bridal Sets
Bridal Sets

Find wholesale bridal jewelry in a wide selection of faux pearl necklace and earring sets. Simplicity as well as lavish designs are available in white, ivory, and colors, providing not only wedding jewelry for the bride, but also bridesmaid jewelry. The wholesale wedding necklace sets range from elegance in faux pearl to designs that combine tasteful rhinestone sparkle.

Click on the image to view wholesale bridal jewelry in chokers and necklace sets

Are there Trends in Bridal Jewelry?

Subtle changes would be a better word than trends to describe changes in bridal jewelry.

Wholesale bridal jewelry has been an important category in our product line for the last 28 years. Many wholesale bridal necklace sets that are in our line now, were there ten, even 15 years ago. These sets have a timeless quality. To some degree the entire line of bridal jewelry has that timeless quality and it makes sense.

The wedding jewelry that a bridal shop buys ends up in the pictures of someone's bridal album that will stay in the family for future generations to see. This special day is too important to risk novel designs so brides stay elegant and conservative. For that reason, bridal shops stay traditional when shopping for wholesale bridal jewelry because that is what their customers are going to buy -- traditional designs.

wholesale bridal
jewelryTo illustrate the point, the wholesale bridal jewelry shown on the left was our best selling wedding day jewelry five years ago and is our best selling set today. This is wholesale bridal jewelry that has past the timeless test.

When we say subtle changes rather than trends, think about this gradual change in wedding jewelry preferences. The traditional necklace set has reigned for years, but today there is some movement towards bracelets and dramatic earring combinations rather than necklaces. The movement is gradual and far from universal, but it illustrates the subtle changes.

Other trends promoted by bridal magazines like dramatic necklace sets simply do not connect with today’s bride who is cautious not to spoil the pristine look of the day with chancy jewelry. The safe bet for shops is to stay classic, elegant, and traditional in your selection of jewelry for your retail store.