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Summer Trends in Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Costume Jewelry Trends
Clean designs, quality materials, and bold looks are promising an excellent summer in costume jewelry. If you are tired of the superficial look of bling, this season's classic looks will be a breath of fresh air. Big is the word, but it will be a refined big using natural components like shell, gemstone, and wood. Out are large fake diamonds and in are large shell pendants. Components from nature make the look. Designs that have a one of a kind look are very in. Costume jewelry that focuses on large shell or gemstone pendants (like unakite, tiger's eye, or carnelian) suspended on multiple cords or strands of Bohemian glass give that unique one of a kind appearance.

Also fashionable are chunky designs in long lengths or chokers. This bold style is showing up from the runways to the fine department stores. Designs with polished stones, big beads, or multiple beaded strands are very in. The colors are borrowed from nature - turquoise, coral, beige, brown, black, ivory, and olive. Brights with a soft feminine touch are also good especially fuchsia, lavender, pale lime, and teal.

Layered looks provide one of the hottest trends with multiple strands from short to very long. Chains, beads, faux pearl, or combinations are used to create the design. Add to the layered necklaces a long strand of large beads and you have a very chic look.

In plating silver remains important and will be through the summer. Gold is rapidly gaining popularity and dark platings like antique bronze, gunmetal, and hematite are uptrending. Among plated items, geometrics are big with pendants in circles, triangles, and diamond shapes as well as large oval links in necklaces and bracelets.

So in choosing costume jewelry for the summer, think big, think natural, think layered, and especially think classic one of a kind.

New Sunglass Fashions
With one glance through a fashion magazine, the importance of sunglasses as a summer fashion accessory becomes very apparent. This year's fashion in sunglasses is breath-taking. Oversize and retro designs lead the way for ladies sunglasses. Think the Jackie O or Sophia Loren look. There are exciting remakes in these nostalgic styles with square lenses or round lenses and embedded rhinestones or studs are giving retros a new twist.

Oversize shields provide another exciting trend in sunglasses this summer. Shields are a monolens sunglass with no break at the nose piece. Some styles have wide arms that taper creating sleek lines. Round lenses are most popular, but square lenses are hot also with their stylish linear look.

Aviators are always the favorite style for men, but there not just for men anymore. Just look at the celebrities and you will see the chic look of oversize aviators. Another exciting twist for the ladies is aviators in fashion colors with frames and lenses matching.

Plastic frames are more popular than metal this season and the most popular colors are black and shades of brown, especially tortoise. More daring colors are also very good like white, pink, rose, and lime. Everyone can find something exceptional with the variety of fabulous looks in sunglasses that are offered in the current fashion trends.

Summer Trends in Accessories
Handbags and belts are the accessories stirring up excitement this summer. Celebrities set the pace by showing up in magazines carrying those oversize bags and suddenly nothing seems to be too big in handbags. Roomy totes with buckles, studs, and zippers are very in. Slouchy hobos with wide shoulder straps short enough to fit nicely under the arm are chic. In smaller bags, satchels with outside pockets are stylish and crocodile print is hot.

This summer you can match that croc handbag with a belt because belts are making a major comeback. Croc prints as well as grommets and studs are in and that low slung look of the eighties is back. All widths are in style, but the wider belts are most popular.

Accessorizing is important for the fashionable look this summer, so everyone that loves fashion jewelry and accessories, the current fashion trends will be exciting.